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I have been using Volume Pills for 6 Months and made this review to talk about my results after using one of the best semen enhancement pills trending in Singapore lately.

Many guys also use these supplements to increase semen volume.

There are thousands of brands for sale online and it can be hard to know which ones to buy.

I’m going to teach you how to avoid scams and how to buy the best products for male enhancement.

Each of these has pros and cons and depending on your goals, I’ll be able to recommend which solution is best for you.

In the reviews, you’ll find information about each product and my personal results.

You’ll also find information about payment, shipping, and how to get the best deal on your order.

Before I talk about my results, I’m going to talk a bit about what it is and how it works.


What Is Volume Pills?

volume pills reviews singapore

Volume Pills is a semen enhancement supplement and it’s been selling online since 2003.

It’s produced and sold by a company called Leading Edge Health.

The use of this supplement gives the user quality erections and increased semen volume for intense climax.

It gives better erections that are longer-lasting and have better ability to please their partners.

This product assist the user gain more stamina and increase the energy levels.

It also improves the endurance level and hence improves the sexual performance.

The supplement helps in decreasing erectile dysfunction and infertility.

According to the manufacturers, this product not only gives its users a stunning load of cum but enables them to control their ejaculation.

By using this product, the manufacturers claim that users will make their women moan, writhe and pant with pleasure which will demonstrate to their partners how overwhelming their stamina is.

How Do Volume Pills Work To Increase Your Semen Volume?

sperm booster singapore

Volume Pills contains a unique blend of ingredients that provide semen volume enhancement benefits.

Many of the ingredients have a reputation for boosting semen, increasing the quality and frequency of ejaculations also the quality of orgasms.

The ingredients used in this supplement are natural and do not contain chemical fillers or steroids.

They are clinically proven to be safe thus ensuring that the health of the users is safeguarded.

Apart from promoting the production of semen, this product also enhances the production of testosterone which boosts the sex drive of the users.

More so, improving the libido in men, doubling seminal and sperm concentration, promoting the production of male hormones thus making users to gain a healthy sexual experience with their partners.

It is also instrumental in promoting prostrate and urinary tract health of its users.

I’ve added a full list of ingredients below with a description of each.

Drilizen (Trademarked Ingredient)

Drilizen is another trademarked ingredient.

This ingredient helps to increase testosterone, erections and ejaculation volume.

It works by increasing nitric oxide levels, which increases blood flow.

This makes your erections and ejaculation volume much bigger and more powerful.

Ling Zhi (Reishi Mushroom)

Ling Zhi is also known as Reishi Mushroom.

Reishi is a potent fungus used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

It has over 400 active compounds and far too many health benefits to list.

Reishi helps to increase libido, energy levels and semen volume.

Solidin (Trademarked Ingredient)

Solidin is a trademarked ingredient.

This ingredient helps to increase feelings of sexual pleasure and joy.

It’s a mood and pleasure booster and helps you to enjoy sex more.

It works by increasing levels of L-Dopa (dopamine) in your brain.

This is an excellent ingredient and makes Volume Pills very unique.

Hong hua fen (Safflower Flower)

Hong Hua Fen is also known as Safflower Flower.

Safflower is a crop that’s cultivated for it’s seed.

According to Chinese medicine, Safflower helps to increase blood flow and sperm quality.

Tian Men Dong (Asparagus Root)

Tian Men Dong is also known as Asparagus Root.

Asparagus root is the root of a plant used in Chinese medicine.

The English translation of Tian Men Dong is “she who has 1000 husbands”

It has a calming effect on the body and is also thought to be very good for the lungs and spirit.

Embilica officinalis (Indian Gooseberry)

Embilica Officinalis is also known as Indian Gooseberry.

As the name suggests, Indian Gooseberry is a edible fruit that is native to India.

This citrus fruit is a rich source of vitamin C.

It works together with Apigenin to boost blood vessel health.

The combination enhances your results even more.

Xian Mao (Curculigo )

Xian Mao is also known as Curculigo.

Curculigo is a flowering plant that’s found in tropical regions across Asia.

It’s used in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

It is an ancient Aphrodisiac that is also known as Natures Viagra.

Fucus Vesiculosus (Seaweed)

Fucus Vesiculosus is a type of seaweed.

This type of seaweed comes from the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Fucus Vesiculosus is an excellent ingredient in Volume Pills.

It helps to increase penile function and sexual enhancement.

Dong Chong Xia Cao (Cordyceps Mushroom)

Dong Chong Xia is also known as Cordyceps,

Cordyceps is a unique mushroom that’s grows at high altitude in the Himalayas.

It helps to increase energy and oxygen levels in blood.

Cordyceps also helps to boost libido and sexual health.

San Guo Mu (Arjun Bark)

San Guo Mu is also known as Arjun Bark.

Arjun Bark is the bark of a tree native to India.

It’s used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat cardiovascular issues (blood flow)

It also helps to improve erection size and strength.

4′, 5, 7- Trihydroxyflavone (Apigenin)

4′, 5, 7 – Trihydroxyflavone is also known as Apigenin.

Apigenin is a natural product that’s found in plants.

4′, 5, 7 – Trihydroxyflavone helps to keep your blood vessels healthy.

This means blood flow to your penis will be at optimal levels and your erections will be healthy and strong.

Ku Gua (Bitter Melon)

Ku Gua is also known as Bitter Melon.

Bitter melon is a tropical vine that’s native to India.

This ingredient increases testosterone levels which is essential for a high semen volume.

Xi lan rou gui (Cinnamon Bark)

Xi Lan Rou Gui is also known as Cinnamon Bark.

Cinnamon bark is a vasodilator.

It increases blood flow around your body (including your penis)

Cinnamon bark helps you to achieve bigger, harder and longer lasting erections.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc is a very common ingredient in sex pills for men.

There is a good reason for this.

Zinc increases testosterone levels and sperm quality in men.

Every man should be taking this mineral to maintain healthy sexual function.

This is the leading supplement meant to increase the amount of semen and improve sexual pleasure.

The manufacturer assures the users of positive results that cannot be found in other supplements.

Order Process, Payment + Shipping

best sperm booster singapore

On the Volume Pills website, you can choose between the following payment options.

  • PayPal
  • Credit / Debit Card

You can make payment online, over the phone and even by fax or Mail.

I had no balance in my Paypal account so I made payment with my debit card.

After payment, I received order confirmation and then a completed order e-mail.

I live in the Marine Parade so my order shipped from their USA warehouse but the company now ships from both the UK and the USA.

Several days later my order arrived in a plain packaging.

You couldn’t tell that the package contained boner pills and I had no funny looks from the postman.

Your PayPal or credit card statement will show as “leadingedgehealth.com” or “www.leminternet.com”.

My Results After Using Volume Pills For 6 Months

my results after using Volume Pills for 6 month

According to the back of the bottle, you should take 2 Volume Pills capsules a day.

I always take these types of supplements at the same time each morning.

If you miss days you won’t achieve the best results.

Month 1

I started taking Volume Pills and at first, I didn’t see any changes.

Towards the end of the first week, I began to notice subtle changes in my energy level.

During weeks 3 and 4, I have experienced a lot more semen and comfort ejaculating.

By the end of the month, the quality of my erections has improved.

Month 2

My results improved during 2 months.

My erection get stronger and my semen volume increase.

More so, my stamina is also much better and I can last longer in bed.

I also started drinking lots of water and exercising a few times a week.

This had a positive impact on my results.

Month 3

This is when the results really start to show.

My orgasms are better, my erections are a lot firmer.

Before I had mild erections that made my penis look skinny.

It’s a lot thicker now and feels a lot better overall.

Orgasm intensity has increased, I’m feeling them a so much more that I have to bite my lip to keep from making any noises.

Month 4

Results continued to increase during Month 4.

My energy has been a lot better, and my stamina is WAY better than it used to be!

Before when masturbating it would take me 2 minutes to get off.

Now it takes me between 15-45 minutes to cum, and that is with lube and sex toys.

Month 5

Results only got a bit stronger during month 5.

The only things that increased were my semen volume and sexual pleasure

I continued to take the supplement because I wanted to maintain the results.

Month 6

Results stayed strong throughout month 6.

Nothing increased but the results stayed strong so it was perfect.

I think I hit the peak in Month 5 and taking the supplement during month 6 was helping to maintain the results.

If you are patient enough to allow the product to work on your body for at least two months then these pills are a definite go for you.

What are the Advantages of Volume Pills?

Although my results were excellent, no supplement is perfect.

First I’m going to talk about the positives and the negatives of using Volume Pills.

  • Helps in improving semen quality and quantity
  • It boosts the amount of semen for intense climax
  • It provides users with strong hard erections
  • May increase sexual appetite and endurance
  • Boosts endurance for long-lasting sexual pleasure
  • Stimulates the natural production of testosterone
  • It improves the sensitivity of the manhood for enhanced pleasure

What are the Disadvantages of Volume Pills?

  • The product is only available online
  • The regular cost of Volume Pills can be expensive for some

Where Can You Volume Pills in Singapore?

volume pills official website singapore

You should always order Volume Pills direct from the official website.

This is the only way you can be 100% sure that you are buying a genuine supplement.

There are lot’s of fakes on the market and if you try a save a few dollars you are risking your health.

Some of the counterfeit versions even contain illegal drugs.

The cost of Volume Pills starts at $65 for 1 box up to $348.95 for a 12 month supply.

The 6 month or 12 month supply id a good choice for guys are want the biggest load possible.

Volume Pills also comes with a 67 day money back guarantee.

If you are unhappy for any reason you can return 2 empty bottles and up to 10 full bottles for a full refund.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

My Experience With Volume Pills

This is not your average “run of the mill” semen enhancement supplement.

This is clear from the unique ingredients and formula that goes into Volume Pills.

It’s something special.

And the results speak for themselves.

Volume Pills are best for guys who are looking for a supplement to increase semen volume fast.

I only used it for 30 days but my semen volume doubled by the end of the month.

Volume Pills is my #1 rated semen enhancer.

It’s the one that I recommend to my readers who want bigger loads.

If you want to increase your load by up to 500% more then you should take these pills for 3-6 months.

Volume Pills come with a 67 day money back guarantee and free bonuses with the bigger packages.

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Volume Pills FAQ

I’ve been getting lots of questions about this supplement so I’ve created this section to help you guys out.

I’ll be adding to it when new questions get asked.

If you have a question that is not listed, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

Will Volume Pills Increase Semen Production?

This is the leading supplement meant to increase the amount of semen and improve sexual pleasure.

By increasing the volume of semen you produce, your penile muscles must contract harder and longer to ejaculate all that semen.

Volume Pills also boosts testosterone production as well as increases blood flow to the penis, resulting in more frequent erections that are harder, longer, and more visually impressive.

More so, it helps in increasing libido and sexual performance in men.

Is Volume Pills Safe To Use?

Volume Pills contains natural ingredients including Solidilin, Xi lan rou gui, Ku Gua, San guo mu and Dong Chong Xia Cao.

Unlike other supplements on the market, Volume Pills contains no hidden drugs.

You will not find any dangerous ingredients in this supplement.

It’s 100% safe to use and I’ve been using it daily for more than 3 months.

How Quickly Will You See Results?

This depends on your body composition and metabolic rate.

This is a supplement that takes time to work.

It’s a daily supplement and it takes time for the ingredients to build up in your body.

I started to feel the effects after a few days but for some guys, it can take a couple of weeks to start working.

Most guys I’ve spoken to start to feel the effects in the first week.

You can speed up results by drinking lots of water, eating healthy and doing cardio exercise.

Does Volume Pills Ship To My Country (Singapore)?

Volume Pills offers free worldwide shipping to over 200+ countries.

Some of the countries include the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

You can check if Volume Pills ships to your country by clicking on the link below.

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